I got my first job! JK. It’s unpaid and a ton of work. I was asked to redecorate the interiors of a student center on campus, and I jumped at the idea. Yes, it is a lot of work, especially with school and the 18 hours I stupidly decided to take this semester, but I really do love it. I have a very small, as in pretty much nothing, budget, so trying to create some thing beautiful is challenging. Good thing I’m a pro at eBay and Etsy.

But I am working on the first two multi-purpose rooms as of now and the first one is almost done. I have not taken a lot of pictures, so I will be sure to post more as it comes further along. The main front room was a heinous dark tan that was streaked and cracked. There is a fireplace, with random things hidden inside, for example a head band (why?), some 2 by 4’s, and a whole lot of dust. And on the shelf above the fireplace were some old books, an old television stand, more dust, and some random shelves that were somehow mounted into the fireplace. So yes, they needed me. And I was happy to help!

Here are some photos of the beginning stages of the redesign process. I recruited some fellow Chi O’s for the tough painting job:

Why the color? No one knows.

So you can see the problem of the TV mount and random placed shelving…

And the fun begins!

I have really good friends.

Hi Coco!

The pale yellow completely brightens the space and is much more welcoming than the previous color.

I have to say we did a pretty good painting job considering we were more focused on dancing to Chiddy Bang in the background than actually perfecting the paint. But no worries! I went back and did a second coat.

Since the painting there have been some other great changes that I will post pictures of later!



One response

  1. Coco, Love your blog! You are doing a superb job, I must say as the proud mom!!!!
    You must have gotten my artistic ability, NOT!!
    I always knew the day you started decorating hair clips and took peacock feathers to create a cool purse, design was in your future.
    Shoot for the stars Coco,I know you will go far!!! Love you, Momma G

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