The Woman Behind the Closet

A woman’s closet tells a lot about her personality and individuality. It’s where she keeps all of her pretty things, where she goes to get ready and to change, and it overall defines her taste and style. Yes, all the ‘things’ in the closet are important to help describe what kind of person she is, but it is actually the way the closet is kept that truly exposes a woman’s character.

Because the closet is such a private space, the organization or cleanliness completely depends on the owner. If you are an avid attention follower to detail like me, everything in your closet is arranged purposefully and with care. I also like to display my favorite items, like my Elizabeth and James tope dress and vintage Frye leather boots, so that they can be easily seen and admired. This flaunting is NOT for others approval, but I simply like to remind myself of what I have and how hard I worked to buy myself nice things.

*Fun fact of the day:  My mom’s closet is actually bigger than my brother’s whole room. Sorry mom, had to mention it. It’s too good.

Here are some charming, smaller closets that caught my eye:

What a relaxing space.

So colorful and chic!

Having a semi-messy closet, though, is never a bad thing! Sometimes a little clutter adds flair and charm.

Need I say more?

I am also OBSESSED with SATC. I just had to add a picture of Carrie’s closet because it is such a big part of the show.

And that awkward moment when your fiancé doesn’t show up to your wedding and you have to give up this amazing closet…

Sorry Carrie.


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