There’s Something About Chevron…

As you know, trends quickly come and go in the design industry. Interior design trends are very similar to that of fashion trends, except not as embarrassing, hint: gauchos. Designers are trained to have an eye for what works and what doesn’t. A few years ago, dark wood, especially in kitchens, was the way to go, while now lighter, brighter kitchens are popping up everywhere.

Another important trend right now is pattern. Don’t think of the crazy, overwhelming pattern, but more of a pattern like CHEVRON. This youthful and fun pattern can be manipulated to work in many different styled homes. Chevron adds character and interest to any space. I personally could talk all day about chevron…

One of the great aspects of this pattern is that it is also quite versatile. You can find it anywhere from fabrics on pillows and curtains, to wallpaper, to dinnerware, to apparel, just about anywhere. Heck, I even chose a chevron mother of pearl photograph for the heading of my blog!

Here are some examples of how others use chevron:

Black and White thick chevron can act as a great accent wall.

Even marble can be turned into chevron! Clever.

Love the pale grey.

Even the dog approves.

It can make any dinner party memorable!

This is personally my favorite place to find chevron. Oak wood, plain swan grain chevron floors are too die for! It is still a classic floor, but with a modern and fun twist. Love love love.


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