Do Judge a Book by Its Cover

I am attracted to radiant, inviting spaces. If I come across a room or a photograph of an interior that is charming, yet comfortable, classic, but fresh, I am immediately drawn to it. While the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” it seems that the design industry completely rejects this statement. Designers know what they like and what they don’t, and if a piece of art, door or furniture placement, color choices, or accessories are not to their liking, we must voice our opinions in order to create the desired look we are going for. Even though we are taught not to judge, judgement is actually one of our strongest tools.

I recently had to use this characteristic while subscribing to some interior design magazines. When choosing which magazines to purchase, I realized that the only aspect of the magazine that I could look at and evaluate was the cover. So, I had to be very judgmental since I was only picking two. I used my qualities that I knew would take me far: my personal taste and intuition.

I came to recognize that the same things I enjoy in my interiors, I liked on the front of magazines. Basic neutrals as a base, pops of color for interest and contrast, and an overall relaxed feel. I can’t wait to start reading and to become more informed about the industry! It is so important be to aware of what is happening in the design world because trends, styles, and use of materials are changing daily. This evolution of design is why I love what I do!

Here are some of the magazine covers that appealed to me:

I love the different color and text styles that Elle Decor incorporates throughout their covers! I like to think of this magazine as the Vogue of interior design magazines.

The surprising lime green title grabs my attention every time.

Veranda’s covers are so classic and pretty. Think of them as a pair of Chanel ballet flats.

The bright title paired with the unique checkered patterned floor is quite charming.

Can you guess which two magazines I chose??


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