Wanna Piece of Me?!

So I just wanted to share a preliminary design board for a project we had last semester. Out of all of my boards, I really still love this one. This was for a modular home that we designed the interiors for. We met with the client (a design grad student), and she told us what aesthetics she liked and which she didn’t, what the house was to be used for, who all would be living there, if she liked to entertain, and so on.

It was the first time we were challenged to mix our taste with someone else’s, which I thought was kind of fun. I came up with three boards, but the one below is the style I went with for the rest of the project:

The modular house we were given to work with was built with many strict lines and was made from bamboo to be eco-friendly. So I picked items and pieces that continued with the idea  of structure. And the lot (which was actually a real lot we visited here in Athens) was very big and had a great backyard with trees and native plants, and the client had said she wanted to take advantage of the outdoors and wanted the interior of the house to be very open and fresh. So I also wanted to used many natural materials throughout the house, showed in the stone and color palette on the bottom right.

Hope  y’all approve!


2 responses

  1. Coco, i knew you when you were a ittle girl and it is fun to see you blossom and find yor passion! I have been a designer for about 20 years and to this day i feel so lucky to do what i do and make a iving at it. You are on a great track and I love what you did with your board! BTW personal favorite, Carries closet from Big, and not to mention the house!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Coco,love your last few posts! You are really learning fast,will you decorate my next abode! Soooo
    proud of you!!! Love you mucho!!!mom

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