The Start of It All

Surprisingly, design was not always my main passion. Going into college, I was Undecided, then I switched to PR at the end of freshman year because I was really interested in wedding planning. To learn more about the event planning industry, I interned for BZ Events, a wedding planning agency last summer back in Austin. This internship was a huge learning experience and was definitely one of my favorite summers I’ve ever had! Their office was in a great part of Austin near the big Whole Foods (yummy), I became very close with my bosses and the other interns, and everyday was a new adventure. I did everything from organizing files, creating Excel sheets, sitting in on client meetings, setting up for the receptions and ceremonies, running errands for the bride and groom, and so on. Even though I did love my job, there were small, specific things about event coordinating that I didn’t see myself doing as a future career.

However, the aspects I did really enjoy were related to the design process: choosing the color scheme, fabrics, themes, and layouts, working with clients and coming up with personalized ideas. I also realized how much I loved creating something out of nothing while designing and building the venue areas. These experiences led me to ultimately decide that my heart was in designing and not necessarily event planning.

Here are some wedding photos that are from my files this past summer. I would also help BZ find inspirational photos for certain clients and these are some of my favorites that I kept:

Fresh, bright flowers are always a necessity at any outdoor wedding.

So glamourous.

The bright fuchsia roses give the room a much needed pop of color.

Nature acts as the decorations in this reception area and the tree is the perfect backdrop.

And here are just some examples of my personal style for the other details in the wedding:

Love the detailed, three-demeniosal flowers.

I adore detailed cakes! They are fun and will definitely look good in the wedding photo album.

I believe that the back of a dress is just as important as the front. This back is simple and classic.

I don’t know if I would personally wear this to my own wedding, but I thought it was an interesting twist on the classic wedding dress.

This just makes me happy.

Lace has made its way back since Kate wore her amazing gown at the Royal Wedding.

I am such a gold person. I know a gold wedding ring is unconventional, but I think they are so unique and make a statement.

Take notes, boys.


One response

  1. Hi Coco, Love the bookshelf and wedding blog!
    It really is fun to see a bookshelf become part of the decor, not just storage for books.
    The angular modern one was really interesting, had not seen that before!
    As far the wedding blog, love the cakes and the tree as the focal point!
    You are doing great work, keep it up! Love you, Mom

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