Not Just for Reading

Shelving is essential in all homes. They can be found in bathrooms, mudrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, etc. The primary purpose of shelves is for storage and for the organization of different items. However, I have recently been noticing how designers have manipulated the original shelf and have transformed it into a part of the overall design of a space. Bookshelves, specifically, can serve as pure decoration and can create a whole new mood or personality.

I love the idea of having something so functional turning into something so appealing and pretty. Because books come with different covers, they can also add splash of much needed color.

Here are some lovely bookshelves:

The array of colors adds contrast against the white walls.

This bookshelf also adds contrast, but in a  different way. The white bedding and walls mixed with the dark brown ceiling and books is not something you see often, but is charming and unique.

The bookshelf fits right in with the warm color scheme of the room. Choosing the right books with the right colors can play along with the overall space.

I love everything about this room. The asymmetry gives interest and a sense of excitement, and the bookshelf kind of ties the room together.


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