All That Glitters

People commonly take gold for granted and do not appreciate the true value of the color and shine it gives off. As you know from my last post, I LOVE anything GOLD. Especially when it comes to interiors. Gold accents that are intently placed in a room adds elegance and class. The way that any gold surface shines when touched by light produces a sparkle that creates an overall calming and inviting space.

I personally have gold pieces placed everywhere in my room. Gold simply makes me happy.

Here are some fun ideas to add a bit more gold to your home:

Gold starbursts over a table or couch gives personality and flair.

One of my favorite designers, Suzanne Kasler (her work above), has created her own line of starbursts that has been a huge hit in the design world.

A wall of gold frames and/or wall sconces are a perfect way to incorporate the color.

Even just a touch of painted gold makes furniture seem a bit fancier.

Gold is also commonly found in other home goods and can be used as a fashion statement:

I need these!!

Must have.

Just a splash of gold takes the shoe to a whole other level.


DVF seems to agree.

If you don’t have enough gold in your house or wardrobe, GO BUY SOME GOLD PIECES! You’ll never go back to silver again.


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