Go Ahead and Stair

Stairs were created for a single, specific purpose: to get us from one floor to another. However, the original staircase has transformed over the years and designers have been paying more and more attention to them. They have become a part of the overall design of a space and is now not only functional, but fashionable and almost trendy.

One reason that the staircase has moved up in the design world is because they can be easily manipulated. They can be curved or rectangular, made from iron or wood, be painted or kept plain of raw materials, etc. There are so many different ways to design a staircase, that designers are able have fun with them and many times, use them as a main vocal point.

Here are some inspiring staircases:

A modern twist on the classic staircase. Literally.

Vintage-inspired stairs!

Love the taupe and white carpeting and iron railing.


These wooden stairs add to the calming feeling of the space.

Suspended stairs! Who would’ve thought.

Neat idea for the risers.


Oh, the drama.

The designer definitely wanted this staircase to make a statement.

My friend lives at the St. Regis in Atlanta, and this is their lobby. I love how elegant and open it is. This is just the left hand view, but there is a matching staircase of the left side, as well.

The second level.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Stairs.


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