Home Sweet Studio

Ever since I was accepted to the Furnishings and Interiors major here at UGA, I am now proud to call my home The Studio. I am literally there everyday, all day, and even most Sundays finishing up work. No one tells you how much time and effort the major actually entails until you’re head deep in it. Although I have many sleepless nights and fits of frustration, I am still in love with Interior Design and the industry as a whole. Everyday brings a new challenge and something different to the table. I am also happy to say that I love all my classmates and teachers. If it weren’t for them, I would have probably gone insane.

After last semester’s hand-drafting studio classes, we are working our way into doing everything on the computer. I had thought this would be a tad easier, when actually it is actually more complicated than doing architectural drawings, if that is even possible. Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchUp, and especially AutoCAD are extremely difficult to master.

I know we have to know how to use and manipulate these programs for our future careers, but I am telling you, it’s a lot of work. But I’m still a young designer, and I just want to have fun!

Here are some studio pics:

All my work under the desk

Stuff   E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E

Sam’s desk!

Color Matrixes with render markers

Some of my first renderings

Practicing perspectives

Work for Chicago Apartment from last semester

My secret drawer

Work that trace paper

This web is just brainstorming for our Pop-Up Retail Project. I was given the design firm NENDO, based in Asia, to work with.

Concept work and research binder

One of my concept presentation boards.

This is when we began to use Illustrator and SketchUp! This is a 3D model of a section of the retail space.

Here is our lab studio! Professor Zenti on the right helping out.

Just wanted to share where I’ve been hiding out these past few months!


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  1. Coco it is so fun to watch your evolution as a future designer. If I had had the computer I would have been an architect. Makes me want to go back to school. good Luck, your moms friend Grace!

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