The Big City

Instead of my parents flying to Atlanta then driving to Athens to come visit, we decided to just stay Atlanta because neither of us had really explored the city. Yes, I have been there with friends many times, but I have never actually seen what Atlanta has to offer, which is a whole lot. There are so many different things to do and see that we had to pick and choose what we wanted to do the most, which obviously included eating. Probably half the time we spent at restaurants trying a bit of everything from the menu. Everything was so yummy!

But besides the food, which is extremely important, there is a lot of design throughout Atlanta that I previously did not notice. The architecture itself is amazing, but all the interiors of major buildings I went in were just as impressive. One aspect of Atlanta I really enjoyed was simply looking around while driving from place to place. Each building was completely unique from its surrounding structures and the contrast in materials definitely add to the overall character of the city.

This is what I mean:


Old church with modern-day office building in background

Glass vs. Concrete

Same office building as first photograph but with the High Museum of Art in front

Those were just some of my favorites from around the city. We also went to the Picasso to Warhol exhibit in the Museum, which was amazing. I was also lucky enough to stumble upon the furniture exhibit, as well:

Eames Iconic Pieces

This is my favorite! It is amazing how Eames designs are still greatly influential today. Even PANTONE chose Tangerine Tango for color of the year for 2012!

 Ancient rocking chair. Doesn’t look too comfy.

Design has definitely come a long way


 My other favorite place we went was the Aquarium!! I loveeee marine life and used to have the most random, exotic pets as a kid, so I was definitely brought back to my childhood while admiring the different animals:



Cute Mom

Fuzzy Star Fish

Sea Dragon!

Nice contrasting colors

Peace. Love. Penguins.


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