Work Hard, Play Hard

This past week has been my hell week: two tests and a concept presentation. I have been sitting at my desk for hours and hours at a time, studying away, typing up notes and making study guides. Because I get easily distracted, I started thinking about the place I study, my desk. It is simply a functional piece of furniture with all the utensils and specific items hidden away that I need in order to be efficient. But why not make this space, where I usually dread going to, an inviting and attractive place? Maybe then I will be more productive.

So I casually went to Pinterest, my usual procrastinating website, for some inspiration. Here is what I found:

I am IN LOVE! Everything from the textured wallpaper to the patterned carpet, to the beautiful leather chairs all work together to create a calming, yet exciting space.

Great idea for a two-person office

A more modern take

Translucent furniture has been seen more and more in the past few years, and I am a big fan

Office of the Future!

The natural light is amazing! Windows can definitely make a room.

I want this studio desk in my future home

I really admire exposed brick on interior walls; it adds character and sophistication to any office

An interesting twist. I would personally get distracted by the office itself.

Hope you agree!


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