Spring is Here

I’m so sorry I have not posted in so long! Spring is here and there is just so much going on in school and socially. Spring Break was last week, and twelve of my friends and I traveled to Telluride, Colorado for spring skiing! It was absolutely amazing and the weather was perfect. I have to say skiing down from the top of a mountain with all your friends while taking in the picture-perfect views was one of the neatest experiences.

While walking around the precious downtown in between skiing days, the interior designer in me also noticed the other spectacular views of Telluride: their construction. Being from Texas and now living in Georgia, I have never lived in the cold climate, therefore not having lived in the different types of houses that are built in the much cooler weather. I actually really admire the “log cabin”  look of the houses and the structure and material use of the shops. Builders have more to consider when designing in cold or wet climates because weather damage is much more likely to occur. We have also discussed in my construction class how different styles are more popular in different parts of the country depending on location and climate.

Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

My friend Alexandra’s house!

The neighbors

Relaxing after a hard day of skiing

City Hall

It was really interesting because houses on different sides of the mountains are built very  differently. This house is located downtown, while the more cabin-like houses were a gondola ride away.

I LOVE this house! It is right at the base of the mountain and is so quaint.

And we made friends with their dog!

View of the city from the gondola

Here are some of my other favorite photos from the trip:

I already miss it


One response

  1. I want to be at the top of a mountain!! Your pictures are awesome and it is interesting to see all the wood cabin style homes!
    Great post! Love you, Momma G

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