Striking Stripes

Black and White: two of the most basic, yet influential colors. One signifies authority or seriousness, while the other purity or cleanliness. It’s interesting that these two colors, with such different connotations in our society, are so commonly seen together. One reason for this may be because these colors have the most visual contrast.

Black and White is especially powerful when placed right next to each other in a striped pattern. There is something so eye catching about lines, thick or thin, when placed on a cushion, bedspread, or even a whole wall. I have learned to love this BOLD print the more I study other designers’ work and how they incorporate it in their designs, both in small details or in the overall theme of a space.

Here are some examples of how designers manipulate Black and White Stripes:

This is one of the first times I noticed the increasing popular trend. Renowned interior designer Mary McDonald works here in this office, which was featured on Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators. For anyone who is not familiar with this show or this designer, you are truly missing out!

I want this bathroom!

This striped carpet adds flair to an otherwise plain white living room

Neat idea for bedskirt and pillows without being super busy

Sophistication at its finest

Example of how stripes can really work well with any type of style

Great accent wall

Amazing couch

I love the molding at the middle of the wall and how the stripes go around it as well. The only thing I would change about this is the rug…

So vibrant

Ahhh this patio! I love the brick flooring, green couches, and how the stripes continue on the ceiling to the facing wall. There would be a completely different feeling if the pattern was only shown on the walls, so I’m glad the designer decided to do this.

Again paired with a green couch! I think I’m on to something.

 Thick stripes!

Striped wall paper behind the shelves gives this home office some character

The flooring may be a little much, but this bathroom was featured in Elle Decor so I can’t complain.


Here are some other Black and White Striped things I thought you’d enjoy:

Christian Louboutin Black and White Striped Mary Janes

Portofino Umbrella from Z Gallerie

Party Time

Giorgio Armani agrees


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