The One and Only

I’ve always thought that designing retail spaces would be one of the most amazing careers. Not only would you be surrounded by fabulous clothes and other creative minds, but you could really let you imagination flow and let your inspiration completely take over. There is so much you can do with a space, especially when you are trying to display items, that really anything is possible. For our last project in Studio, we are still working on our Pop-Up Retail Space in New York City. As I have mentioned before, my designer is Nendo, a brilliant design firm in Japan, and it is so fun incorporating their unique style with mine. It’s a challenge because they use minimal color and strict, structural lines, but being able to create something that is a part of them and a part of me has been a great experience. I will definitely post all the plans, elevations, sections, and perspectives once I am finished. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Anyways, I was researching retail spaces and how they manage space. So obviously I typed in one of my very favorite designers, CHANEL, to see how their stores are set up. Every piece of clothing, jewelry, pair of shoes, perfume, nail-polish, etc. that they design is classic and tasteful, that I knew their retail stores had to be as well. This is more of my personal style rather than Nendo’s, but hey, it comes with the job.

Here are some pictures that make my heart skip a beat:

Rodeo Drive

The ORIGINAL Store in Paris


Interiors, by Peter Marino

Again in Paris

Saint Tropez


Chanel Boutique, LA

San Paulo, Brazil

The beautiful inside

Robertson Boulevard, LA

Their courtyard!

Hello Lover

 Coco, admiring her own store

One response

  1. Guess we named you the right name,huh??? I think you have the potential to design amazing things,whether it be a home, store,whatever!!! My
    Coco knows what she is doing!!! Great blog. Love ya

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