Real Estate Heaven

If you haven’t already noticed from my previous posts, I am a HUGE Sex and The City fan. So when I heard that Carrie’s apartment was for sale, it was as if my SATC fantasy was coming true: I would buy the place, put my own spin on it, and live the fabulous life of Carrie Bradshaw. The only thing in the way is the asking price: $9.65 million. So maybe I’ll be putting this dream on hold until I become a successful designer and have enough to buy it for myself.

Carrie’s apartment is actually a huge part of the show, even if it just serves as a backdrop. Her life revolves around that tiny New York City apartment: she sleeps there (most of the time), her closet is there, and she does her writing there. It is extremely important that her home has the same effortless style that she portrays through her love of clothes and shoes. Some of my favorite aspects are the desk facing the window overlooking the street, the two-door bathroom, and how the closet leads directly into the bathroom. These characteristics, mixed with the messy but chic charm, creates an overall glamorous lifestyle that obsessive fans, like me, covet.


The famous stoop will always be associated with SJP’s character, but the interior scenes were actually filmed elsewhere. This 4,100 square feet townhome at 64 Perry Street is much bigger than depicted in the show. Here is the inside to the well-known façade:

I couldn’t help but wonder, who is going to live in this ‘historic’ house next??


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