Illuminating Neon

May is going to be absolute craziness! I just got back to Austin last night after driving the long sixteen hours from Athens, and I leave again this Friday morning for NYC, then Israel!! I have so much to do before I leave, one is trying to find some appropriate work clothes for my internship that I start soon after I get back. While walking around the Domain (awesome shopping area in Austin), I noticed the huge amount of Neon clothes and accessories. The vivid colors are perfect for summertime, but remember, minimal amounts, no one likes neon-overkill.

Because fashion and design frequently overlap, I wondered if this increasing trend had made it into the interior design world yet. Verdict: IT HAS! Neon colors are literally popping up everywhere! The bright greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows bring a sense of fun and silliness to any space.

Here are some inspirational and CoLoRfUl photos:

Austin Designer Kendra Scott – Josephine Cuff

Atelier Biagetti – Neon-Dipped Furniture


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