The Big Apple

I’ve had a crazy past two weeks!! (reason for my blogging absence) I drove back to Texas from UGA, two days later left for NYC, the next day flew to Israel for ten days, then another three days in the City, then back to Austin! Woo-ee it’s literally been madness, but so much fun!

So I’m first going to share my New York experiences! I haven’t been there in a few years, and I forgot how much I loved the city. NYC has the loud noise, sirens, people everywhere, hustle and bustle sort-of-vibe that you really can’t find in anywhere else. I stayed at my cousins apartment on 84th, right across from the MET and Central Park, so I had a great location where I could pretty much go see anything I wanted.

Here are some of my fav things I did/saw:

The MET!

So beautiful!

Central Park!

My cute baby cousins!

 The High Line






New York Design Center!!

So many showrooms, so little time…





Just walking around the City is amazing! Every block and building is completely unique from the next:



Can’t wait to go back in July!


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