I can happily say that I had the best ten consecutive days of my life while in Israel on a student group tour in mid-May. I had never been to summer camp, so this was the first time I was thrown into a group of kids my age, not knowing anyone, staying in an unknown place. I am sad thinking about it now because I want to go back so badly!! It was truly life changing. There is so much history and tradition in such a small country, and the people there could not have been more welcoming. I felt like I was home.

While walking around the streets of Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias, and Tel-Aviv, the only thing I could do was look around and try to take everything in. Not only were the views absolutely amazing, but the architecture was also just as impressive. Being from the US, we do not have the privilege of having ancient, thousands of years old, historic cities and buildings. I definitely got my fill of beautiful design.


Here are some photos that I took along the way. They do not even give it justice!:


View from our Kibbutz

Looking over the Golan Heights


Many windows and doors are painted this bright blue to keep the devil away


Sea of Galilee

Roman Ruins…In Israel?!

Love the columns

Hey! (me on the right)

Our soldiers!

First picture of Jerusalem!

Chihuly piece at the Tower of David. Who knew he was Jewish.

Supposedly this guy is like the Israeli Brad Pitt. Too bad he’s 5’3″.

That night we saw him on TV!

Never again will I wear a thick cotton dress while site-seeing

Old Jerusalem, aka my favorite

ahhh the Wailing Wall

Newer part of the city

I miss that sunrise

Market in Tel-Aviv

Love them tomatoes

Sarah (left), our awesome group leader


Cute in pictures, rude and smelly in person


Hopefully I can go back next summer!!!


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