Dream On

The next two years (junior and senior year) eight of my friends and I will be living in a restored, precious house right near downtown Athens. Living in the sorority house was fun, but too rowdy and loud for my taste. It will be so nice to have have my own space some privacy, even though I’ll miss you Drew!  And my room is HUGE, plus I have a fireplace and two closets. We got pretty lucky with this place!

I am buying a few pieces of furniture from the girl that previously lived in my room, but one very important item I still need to get is a bed, including the frame, mattress and headboard. I was in love with her headboard and desperately wanted to buy it from her, but she decided to take it with her. Headboards add character to any bedroom, while also making the space seem a bit fancier. I have been trying to find one similar online, when I came across all of these other types of headboards that are just as amazing! I feel a DIY project coming on…


Here are some of the lovely boards:

Go Big or Go Home

Sticker Headboard?!

Fit for a Queen


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