Day Five

Today was craziness! Nicola and I were sent on our own to find fabrics and specific pieces for a client in Highland Park. Andrea left early yesterday and missed today because it was her birthday, so the interns took charge! We pretty much have been living at the Design Center, going back and forth between studios and showrooms trying to find the best options we can find.


Even though it has only been a week since I began working for Betty Lou Phillips, I am already so comfortable in the office and feel as though I can voice my opinions, which is a really nice feeling! We worked a lot today on her book as well, trying to figure out title pages. Jeez, being creative is tiring! Good thing there’s a Starbucks on every corner.

Here are some photos of my new home away from home:

George Cameron Nash

Showroom Mascot

ID Collection

They carry one of Betty Lou’s books, French Impressions!

Culp Associates

We were also sent to Highland Park Village to find inspiration from the shops’ layout designs and from the overall architecture of the old shopping center. Other than finding a few items for my wish list, here’s what inspired me:

Tory Burch’s interiors were my favorite. They had bright tangerine painted accent walls and some mirrored walls, creating a fun and vibrant space. The accessories and clothing displays were eye-catching and enticing, which is key a retail.

Overall, an amazing first week! Can’t wait for what’s to come…


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