Because I am staying in Dallas this summer for the internship, I have been crashing at my Nana’s place, until next week when I move in with my aunt and uncle in Preston Hollow. I know what you’re thinking, grandma’s house is boring and yucky. Well not mine! Nana’s is actually one of the best places around. She lives in a great location, across from Turtle Creek and next to Highland Park, and lives in an amazing building. She used to be an interior decorator and studied art history as well, so she has great taste and truly values the quality of pieces.

My new friend

The lobby

She and I usually cook a delish meal after I come home from work. Tonight after dinner she explained more about her love for art and the history behind certain pieces in her apartment. She walked me around and showed me her collection. And what do you know, she has some great stuff! It was literally like walking through a museum. I have only taken one art appreciation class and I still recognized almost all the artists she named. Who woulda thought.

Here are some of her interiors and artwork:

The flash made it a pretty dark, but the chest is an Antique French Commode from the 1930’s, made from ebony wood

Joan Miro painting

Guess it’s an okay view…

James Frazeri oil of Turtle Creek

Love the mix of styles in the living area

Venetian Glass

Salvador Dali

Henry Matisse what whatttt

Henry Moore sketch

My clothes don’t fit in my room…

James Surls

Jeffery Brosk. Yes Please.

Chihuly Bowl and Sketck

Antique Oriental Screen that came from a Scottish castle, and Antique Venetian Chandelier

Pablo Picasso

Another Picasso. Causal.

More Venetian Glass in guest bath

Kitch banquet. Nana painted this painting of flowers!

My gift to Nana when I was in middle school

Roy Lichtenstein

Amazing Frank Stella

Chapman Keller pastel

Edna Hibel

Ostrich bench

Some of my photography from high school

My Mom, top right, and my aunt and uncles

And this is not even all of it!! Jeez maneez.


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