Day 8 + 9

It’s been a great couple of days! I was lucky enough to travel to Houston yesterday with the rest of the office to see the construction of a house that Interiors by BLP has been working on for the past couple of years. I had never thought about how long a designer can work for a certain client for. Andrea explained that if the client is building from the ground up, which is Betty Lou’s favorite type of client, they can work on that one house for up to four years!

Anyways, our day started at 6:30am to make the 7:30am flight to Houston. Then we hopped in the rental car and headed to River Oaks. The exterior of the house is almost finished, but there is definitely so much more work to be done. They are hoping to move in soon, but ideally it might be closer to Thanksgiving. Nicola and I pretty much just followed the clients and Betty Lou around, listening to the various conversations about tiles, fabrics, ironwork, and codes. Last semester, we just started to memorize all the different codes. Even though I didn’t like it then, I now realize how important they are.

We were at that house for about four or five hours. We came, we conquered, we left covered in saw dust:

The Great Room, aka Living Room



It was really neat to see the process of putting together the space

Temporary Front Door and Dinning Room

Future Library, Present Workstation

Nicola taking pictures of the windows for the company making the draperies back in Dallas

Art Room for the kids

Upstairs Family Room

Color Samples

Doing a great job, Nicola!

Little Boy’s Room

Girl’s Room

The color really POPS!

Hallway leading to the Guest Area

Master Bath

possible baseboard colors for Master Bedroom

The Master color palette

Outdoor Area

Soon to be Pool

Progress on the Front Yard

We then went to the Houston Design Center (who knew that existed?!) for lunch/to walk around:

And then we went to another house to meet with a Contractor about remodeling the interiors of this amazing, old house:

Here is the exterior:

There is something so charming about pebbled driveways

The Back

Bye-bye Houston! It was short, but sweet.

So this morning Nicola and I did a bunch of stuff around the office and ran errands, trying to find props for photo-shoots. After lunch, all four of us went to the World Trade Center to look for out-door furniture for the same Houston clients:

Yes, it’s true. My real name is Courtney.


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