VIP Treatment

Many vendors have been nice enough to give Nicola and I tours of their showrooms and behind the scene workshops while thoroughly explaining their business, how it is run and what exactly they do or make. They were all more than happy showing us around because they have such great relationships with Betty Lou, and their work is actually in multiple pictures throughout her books as well. It is amazing to see first hand the processes that each item goes through until it becomes the finished product. There always seems to be so much going on, all the time!

Last week, Andrea, Nicola and I went to Pettigrew, a luxury furnishings and lighting store. Their chandeliers are definitely my favorite though! They are so unique and sparkly. We had been in their store a couple of times before, but this time we were lucky enough to walk into the back where they create the beautiful lighting fixtures and keep the parts. Nicola loved it so much that she even recommended having a field trip there to her lighting class professor at TCU! I wish there was a Pettigrew in Athens, Georgia.

Rewiring the old European electrical cords to meet American standards


Andrea explaining what exactly the client wants for their new home

The back workshop!

The have files and files of different materials they’ve gathered over the years from all over the world

They need to come organize my desk

Old crystals from a chandelier they took apart a few years ago.. They are still in the process of organizing and cleaning all the parts! Dang.


Pettigrew actually has their own blog for admirers like me to keep up with their work:    

Another amazing tour we went on was of Waterworks on Preston Road. They have everything you need for glamorous kitchens and bathrooms. Not only were their items beautiful, but their showroom itself was just as enticing. They had large floor to ceiling front windows that let in just enough light to touch every tub, knob, and tile to make everything sparkle.

This also comes in Copper. LOVE.

We were also able to see the back storage room where they keep inventory and samples. The small tile samples were so precious! Julie explained that most of their samples were for designers or customers to keep, while other ceramic, hand made molding samples had to be returned because very few are made.

Samples galore

Waterworks is moving their showroom to the Design Center, which they said will be a lot more convenient for everyone, especially them.

The last tour I will mention was of Iron Age Studios, a business/factory that creates everything iron. We had not visited an ironwork place before so it was really fun!  We were shown the front room that displays the different shapes and textures of the various pieces they can do. Most everything is custom made, so a designer or a client can go and literally pick anything they want and truly make something special for their home. In the back, they had many different projects going on for different houses all around Texas and Oklahoma. We got to see how an architect’s drawing can be turned into 3D.

This drawing became…

this lantern!

This enormous gate has been in the works for six months

Around this ‘thing’ was insanely hot. This is how iron is manipulated, using other burning iron templates and shapes.


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