Current Event #1

For my first current event article, I chose “The New Dawn: Tapping Social Networks for Design Research Recruiting” by Jan Chipchase from Core 77 Design Magazine and Resource. This article discusses design research, how it is done and the best ways to find participants. The reason I chose this specific piece is because social media is such a strong, yet sometimes dangerous tool. Yes, it can serve great purposes in your daily life, but it can also easily harm someone’s reputation. Nowadays it seems as though people put their whole life out there on the internet for others to simply read and judge. From personal experience, sometimes it is best to just keep quiet on certain, private subjects.

Back to the article. It seems as though finding willing participants is harder than it sounds. Research groups need to seek out certain people for each design study in order for there to be no miscellaneous factors in the way. This is one of the many reasons why it is necessary for people from all over the world to also take part in the study. Social networking is the perfect way to find these people, by posting ads or profiles, because research must incorporate a variety of different people.

I personally agree with the article, that social networking is the fastest and easiest way to recruit. The internet has created so many more possibilities for businesses and research to expand. I quickly discussed the article with Andrea in between her making calls and creating floor plans. She agreed with me that social networking can be very promising, but that it has to come from a reputable site. She said you have to be careful when trying to search for information because anyone can post anything, whether it’s right or wrong.  When speaking in a professional manner, Andrea said that she prefers Linkedin rather than Facebook. She did mention though that marketing yourself online is one of the greatest tools. Make sure you create a website for yourself that has the correct information so that it is coming from you personally.




Because Interiors by BLP does not conduct research studies, that part does not necessary relate. Recently though, Nicola and I have been explaining to Betty Lou about Pinterest and blogging and the benefits to both. Because we both grew up with computers and much of the technology we use today, it comes so much more naturally to younger people. I am lucky though that there is so much about so much right at my fingertips. I don’t know what I would do without the many blogs I frequent regularly and get my daily news on design.


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  1. This is great coco!! The Internet can reach many in a positive way, but can sometimes be harmful! Great personal comment and perspective. Xo

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