Current Event #2

I chose another article about the relationship between design and technology for my second current event post! “Mannington Commercial Releases iPad App for the A+D Market” from Interiors and Sources explains ‘Apt’, the new design App and how beneficial it can be to the design industry. This new App allows the designer, architect, and/or client to search products, order samples, find specs, create and show inspiration boards or tack boards, and view galleries. So it is pretty much taking over my internship position. Awesome.

The Apt

But in all seriousness, Apt has the potential to work wonders in the design process. Not only is everything right at your fingertips, but it is insanely organized! Just from the few semesters I have studied about design history, it is obvious that over the years interior design has been enormously evolving over time. There are so many helpful devices, websites, blogs, shows, books, and now Apps that is making the interior designer’s job a little less stressful.

The only thing that worries me about all this technology is that it will somewhat harm the personal aspect of interior design. If you can simply email your design board to your client or send a picture to a showroom to find the right fabric, it is taking away, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the process. Going out and searching for the perfect chair or just the right length trim for one specific section of a room is an intimate adventure that not everyone gets to experience. Creating inspiration boards, as well, and explaining each detail one-on-one to the client, or in my case to my teachers, is exhilarating. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for technology and modernizing our industry, but it scares me for the future, once I am out in the working work: what is coming next?

I talked to Nicola about the article as well and agreed that bringing technology into the interior design world is a good thing, especially to the iPad because so many people around the world use it. It can save time for designers, which is very important since time always seems to be an issue. She did agree with me on the problem of losing the personal aspect though. She said that a designer has to understand the client’s style and how they work, which Apt might take a part of that away. Thanks for the insight Nicola!!


Nicola (right) and I hard at work. I’ll miss you bud!


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