The Big Picture

Last Tuesday was the big photo shoot for Betty Lou Phillips’ new book! It was so neat to witness the behind-the-scenes process: figuring out what to photograph, buying the props, staging the scene, Danny (the photographer) finding the best angles, and Betty Lou and Andrea deciding on the overall greatest shot. It takes much more time and patience then I realized, and I now have a better appreciation for beautiful pictures.

Betty Lou gave Nicola and me a lot of responsibility throughout the process, as well. We picked out many of the props for the kitchen and for the title pages. She even let us set up a few of the scenes! I couldn’t believe it! I felt very important. It was much more difficult then I had thought. Making something look effortless actually takes a lot of effort.

Here is an exclusive, backstage look at our work:

Buying the props

Borrowed from Waterworks

Beautiful fabric from Tavers

Figuring out what works



Nicola and I brainstorming

Mid-day snack

Hello, Danny

Yummy props

Such a fun, exciting day!


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