Moving On

My internship with Interiors by BLP is now over, and it is definitely bitter sweet. I had a great time and I learned more than I could in one whole semester at school. There are certain things in the design industry that you must experience to understand. I will miss everyone I met along the way and will put my new found knowledge to good use!

Because I am still in Dallas, this past week I have been shadowing an architect firm so that I could learn some more AutoCAD tricks. I’m pretty rusty since I have not working been on the program for the past two months of summer, so it felt pretty good to get back into it. It’s insane what they can do! They were clicking, typing, moving, deleting faster than I could keep up! Hopefully one day I can be an AutoCAD master. I also watched Brian, one of the architects, render buildings in SketchUp. We worked with SketchUp last semester, but always focused more on AutoCAD. I had no idea how much SketchUp can do though! In one week, I already know more about SketchUp than I thought was possible. After rendering everything by hand for my school projects, I can really appreciate what SketchUp can do for a designer. Brian created textures, perfect colors, and whole outdoor scenes so that clients can visualize their plans.

I was lucky enough to sit in on conference calls and see how real, intense meetings work. There are so many details that go into one building project that they have to keep checking over and over if things are exactly how they want. Errors, in the end, can cost you a lot of money and time, and no one wants that.


Here are some quick pics of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing:


Miguel at his desk, hard at work

That’s some big paper

They have architectural drawings everywhere! I looked through many of them, very impressive.


This makes me miss my studio desk at school!

Brian had two monitors so that he could work on SketchUp models while following along on AutoCAD files

Apartment units (that are actually my Uncle’s!) that I was trying to recreate

I am so glad I have had this opportunity. Thanks again Clifford Wong Architects!


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