Hot Child in the City

I just got back from one of my favorite weekends of the summer!! My friend from UGA turned 21 this past Sunday, so she decided to have a party at her Hamptons house. Not too shabby. She and two other of my friends are living in New York City interning, so a bunch of other girls flew up for a few days to celebrate! We stayed in the city Thursday night, and then made our way to South Hampton.

I stayed in New York for a while in May (see blog post THE BIG APPLE) and visited some amazing design places. I didn’t have time to do that again, but we did hit up Soho and Greenwich Village. I am always in awe of the amazing buildings scattered all throughout the city. They are all so different in material, texture, and color, which definitely adds a great deal of character to NYC.


View from the plane! Here we comeeeee


Beautiful gothic church


After the hour and a half drive to the Hamptons, we arrived at her house! I’ve been before, earlier this fall, but it somehow seemed more stunning than last time. Maybe it was the sweet summer sun, filling the beautiful rooms or that all my friends were together again after so long. Either way, her dad has fabulous taste and remodeled the home to the nines.


These monogrammed bags and towels were waiting for us when we arrived

So excited!

Living area


Dining Room




Here’s some pictures of the party! Insane.







Dutchess, making her entrance




She got a little emotional…

Yes please.



I had so much fun! Can’t wait till her next Hamptons party.


Love y’all!


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