Back to my Roots

After being in such urban settings like Dallas and New York City, going to Vail, Colorado was a great change of pace. My sister and I flew up to join the rest of our family for a quick five day, relaxing trip. We used to live in Colorado during the summers when we were little, so it was really nice going back. I was surprised by how much Vail has changed! New buildings have popped up everywhere, adding more condos and shops to the used-to-be-much-more-quaint town.

Gavin and Dad




Arrabelle Hotel at Vail Square

Gives Vail a European feel





It was especially fun for me because my mom and dad were looking at different houses to maybe buy and rent out during high season. I’ve got to say, Colorado has some incredible real estate! Obviously the views are amazing, but the overall construction of the houses are so beautiful. Most houses seem to mostly be made from thick wood, lodge-like, and natural stone, which fits in very well the the surrounding nature. An architect has much more to think about while drawing up plans, considering the extreme climate and weather. As for the interiors, the houses that had big furniture, wooden, exposed beams, big fireplaces, all in all the scale of pretty much everything seemed to be bigger than what I have noticed in Texas homes.


My dad and I drove through many neighborhoods, getting a feel for the popular style there. These are some of my favorites:


Love this modern take on the Colorado style

It definitely stood out among the other houses in the old neighborhood


Must of been tough to build on the side of a steep mountain

Wall of windows!



Yes, that is grass growing on the roof


We also went to the Minturn Market! You can always find something because every stand has something different to offer. Personally, I like the fresh food the best:




Love the colors



I recommend the Raspberry Lemon






I felt like a little girl again, out in the outdoors. There is something so refreshing about hiking up a mountain and overlooking the views of the valley with the wildflowers blooming and the sun sunning. It will never get old:










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