Thank God


A year ago today I made one of, if not the best, decision of my life: to switch my major to Furnishings and Interiors. My major before the big change was PR, which I honestly am still interested in. Public Relations is a good, safe major and I would have many opportunities to come from it. But after sitting in a few intro to PR and marketing classes, I knew something wasn’t right.

When I was little, I was very crafty and hands-on in all projects, for school and for fun. I loved creating something from nothing and putting things together so that they made sense. Well, at least to me. I had always been interested in the design industry and what it had to offer. For some reason, something was holding me back Freshman year and the summer afterwards. I thought it would be the right thing to do to get a Public Relations degree and that’s what I had settled on for the beginning of Sophomore year. But after those classes and knowing that there was something out there that I was more passionate about, I decided that PR would never truly make me happy.

I was a compete mess, and when I say a mess I mean a sobbing, freaking-out girl running around, and went straight to my advisors office to explain everything I felt. From there, I literally had to go to about five other offices scattered around campus trying to change my entire course load and my major. And I am happy to say that I have never been happier.

Enough reminiscing, let’s celebrate. And what better way to celebrate with some K.W.?! So here is some of Kelly Wearstler’s newest work from Mercer Island, Washington featured in Elle Decor (


I would live in this entry hall if I could


Different view of library

She designed the custom staircase. Unfair.


Railing is also designed by Wearstler


Wall covering by Cannon/Bullock

BRASS! Genius.

De Gournay wall covering

Hand-painted Porter Teleo wallpaper

The master is a complete mix of antiques and custom made items

The use of natural stone is insane! Onyx walls and marble and onyx flooring

Linens from KW’s line for Sferra and hand-painted wallpaper by Perter Teleo

Guest Bath


Well that just made my day, and I’m sure yours as well.


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