Feeling Blue… In a Good way

There’s something about the color blue that makes me smile. Any shade, whether it be navy, turquoise, iris, or teal, is commonly one of my go-to colors in fashion and interiors. So it makes sense that blue is associated with feelings of calmness and security. Well since my life is not always in order, that may be why I am attracted to it.

Either way, one of my favorite ‘blue things’ is blue porcelain pottery, specifically Asian pottery. Whenever there is a room photographed in a magazine that includes this type of pottery, my eye is immediately drawn to it. It is also one of the few decorative pieces that can truly fit into any style of interiors.

My parents had a garage sale last summer and I couldn’t believe the amount of antique pottery they had! I have mentioned before that they lived in Tokyo for a bit before and after I was born, and my dad’s collection of Asian goods is pretty good. My mom had price tags on them for $5! I almost had a heart attack. So I did what I had to and stole them from the sale.


You remember some of my pieces in my room at college:


This doesn’t necessarily go under the category of pottery, but it is Asian..


Here are some great ways to incorporate them into your home:

Whitney Fairchild, Hamptons









Tory Burch’s porch

I LOVE them scattered in bookshelves

Gives an otherwise plain white kitchen some color

Used as center pieces


And here are some other items that have been inspired by the pottery:

Christina Cuomo

Tory Burch’s dinner party. Where was my invite?







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