Trunk Show

I have talked about my ‘trunk obsession’ on a recent post, and it seems that my obsession is now taking over. While I should be hitting the books, I am Pinning trunks instead.  Big trunks, tiny trunks, rustic trunks, leather trunks, studded trunks… So many trunks, so little time.

They’re just so precious I can’t get enough. There are various styles, depending on the age, material, and shape, that they can be incorporated in just about any room. Two of my favorite ways to use them are as a coffee table (the short ones) or as a decorative side piece (the taller ones) with accessories, such as a lamp or pictures, placed on top.



Two trunks in one space!

I like how the storage pieces are darker while the furniture is lighter – nice contrast

Classic LV


The Ralph Lauren Calvert File Cabinet Trunk – the one that inspired me to get my trunk!



Not sure if this is a house or museum? Either way I approve.


Trunk + Lucite = Greatness



Baby trunk

Horchow Vintage Wooden Trunk





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