J-Arts: Phase II

It’s that time of year again when the makeover of Hillel Student Center continues. And this past Saturday and Sunday was devoted to just that. I, along with the very generous help of some ZBT’s, painted the lounge and kitchen. The house is extremely old and has not been fixed up in quite some time, so paint was definitely the first and most important aspect to change. It’s crazy what a change a few coats can do.

Black Trim? I think not.


So obviously this Georgia themed accent wall is never okay. I was worried that the dark red would show though any color we tried to repaint over it, but it ended up working out perfectly.  I’ve never loved Primer so much.

The new color! There are four windows in the room that let in a good amount of natural light, so any light color on the wall will be lighter at different times of the day. Either way, I wanted a light color that would brighten the space and create an overall happier mood.

I, and the guy working at Sherwin Williams, created this custom color match blue.

We tried out a few shades last semester to see what looked best



First coat of primer. Looks like a kindergartner’s work.

Left wall




After two thick coats of primer and one coat paint

The black trim had to go – it was distracting and very unnecessary. The window itself looks a million times better white.

Michelangelo doing his thang.

What a difference!

The kitchen! They are getting brand new cabinetry and sinks and are replacing some of the old appliances.


Flan, the new kitchen color. Otherwise known as my favorite Mexican dessert.


The granite for the new countertops and the dark wood stain for the cabinets

The color is actually much lighter in person…


I know the color looks funny now, but it will look great with the new granite!



They already bought a new leather couch and wide screen TV for the lounge, but a few other pieces are definitely needed. I’ll keep you updated throughout the process! Wish me luck.


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