Bright Idea

Now that a month of school has gone by, it’s time to begin all my major projects. In TXMI 3370, Lighting Fundamentals, a big portion of the class is to create a fixture reusing an already existing item. When we were assigned the project, the first  thing I thought was, “how fun!” Now I am thinking, “how in the world am I supposed to make a bulb turn on!” Creating something aesthetically pleasing that is most importantly functional takes a lot more thought than I had planed for. But yet again, so does everything that requires designing.

As you can tell, there is are many parts due along the way. This is actually very helpful because it will keep me on task and organized. First thing first, I searched on handy-dandy Pinterest to spark some ideas. I knew I wanted to find something  bit more contemporary to begin as the basis for the luminaire.


Here were some of my inspiration pictures:

Plumbing Pipe

Wash Bins

I was thinking I could find an old, antique frame instead of just plain wood


Another option I was thinking was to cover a vase with chain or bronze mesh

This gave me the idea to find an old bird cage and fix it up, serving as the “shade”

I then saw this and fell in love!

This is an upside down pasta strainer with a single bulb in the center. The reflection on the ceiling is amazing!


So this is the choice I am going with, and I’m really excited! I researched different strainer manufacturers and decided on Colander because of the placement of the holes, which will create neat designs on the ceiling.


Here are my sketches/notes:





The next step was searching on eBay for the perfect strainer:


16.5″ x 7″, 14 quart Stainless Steel Footed Colander Strainer


I am going to buy enamel outdoor bronze spray paint to get the color I want. I am also going to attach a think, bronze or gold chain which will hang from the ceiling.


It will look good, but will it turn on?!


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