Oldies but Goodies

In my TXMI 4350 History of Design class, we focus one country at a time and how that culture developed their own, specific style of architecture, interiors and furnishings. We began with Ancient Egypt, and are now on Greece. One of our projects for this class is to create a “Lookbook” for the historical period of our choice, and mine is Classical Greece. I have always been fascinated with the sophisticated, yet simple style of the Greeks. Ancient Greece truly was the birth place of western civilizations and design. Many methods of construction and design elements still influence the industry today (doric, ionic, & corinthian orders!) And don’t even get me started on the Parthenon…

There are two pieces of furniture that come from Classical Greece that have been reinterpreted numerous times, and are personally some of my favorites as well: the Klimos Chair and Diphros, which is a type of stool.


Here are what the looked like during that period:

The most distinguishable characteristics are the curved backboard, how the stiles (aka side pieces) and back legs are of the same piece of wood, and how the front and back legs curve in opposite directions.

Ancient Greeks’ main priority was functionality. This chair was not only comfortable, but also lightweight and portable, similar to the Diphros below.

This particular stool is foldable and made from wood and leather, and highlighted by bronze. Notice the animal feet – most furniture in Ancient Greece had these as a decorative element.



Fast forward a couple thousand years and you will find these beauties:




Tufted Wallis Bench from Dering Hall


Jonathan Adler X-Bench



Here are some modern versions in today’s homes. Take notes:









West Elm Klismos Dining Chair









I’ll make it there someday


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