Well I am officially an exhausted and worn out college student. I just got back from Mountain Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina and had a great time! Otherwise known as no sleep and too much fun. I had never been to North Carolina, and I hadn’t expected it to be so beautiful. Parts of Asheville and the surrounding hills reminded me of home. One aspect that is completely different from Austin though are the trees here in the South. During the fall, the change from green to yellow, then yellow to red is such a fantastic view, especially when the trees are scattered up a mountain like they were in North Carolina.


Here are some shots from Asheville’s precious downtown:




Love the sharp edge of the building







I loved how the buildings were made from different materials. The contrasting styles gave the downtown area character and charm.



October is always crazy, and I leave again this Thursday for GA/FL (!!!).

Good luck to me.


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