Good Times

The installation is up and running! Finally. After many hours spent on the UGA Art Week Installation, I am glad to say that it is done and am quite happy with it. With the little time and resources we were given, I have to say we pulled it together, literally an hour before the Dean was coming by to see it.


Here is the Design Statement:

For many, the (culturally) current and widely accepted understanding of sustainable residential interior design is the implementation of “green” or environmentally friendly materials, finishes, and furnishings.  By definition these elements are tangible and demonstrate minimal long-term effects on the environment and aid in the production of “healthier” interior living conditions.  This installation seeks to challenge and expand this accepted definition to include the holistic preservation and promotion of true (self) identity as a valid application of sustainability.  Through the placement and manipulation of personal artifacts this installation examines an individual’s sense of self and identity expressed through otherwise transitory objects, and quietly contemplates the healthiest practice of sustainability.

Printed version in the installation below

In a nutshell, we took the common idea of sustainability and twisted it to have a different meaning. What ‘sustains you’ is the main theme behind the installation, though we didn’t want that to be obvious when you walked in the room.

Sally and I asked our fellow design students to bring in items from their house that they couldn’t live without (minus the time being at the installation).



The towers are made from black matte spray painted cardboard boxes


Suspended in each tower are the different items




We also asked each student to write why specifically that item was so important to them and the story behind it

The design statement is located in the bottom left corner



Can you guess what items I brought?!


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