So Close Yet So Far

While I should be paying attention in my Textiles Testing lab, I can’t stop daydreaming about summer. I have been applying to interior design firms in San Francisco (!!) and just turned in my application for a Spain Maymester. UGA has different abroad programs and I have chosen to put my minor to good use and study in Madrid just for the month of May! I have my interview later in February so I should know for sure in about a month. My fingers are crossed.

My family and I spent a whole summer in Europe when I was in high school, and I have been itching to go back! I have been fortunate enough that my dad loves traveling and loves taking his kids along with him, so the Greenblums have been to some pretty awesome countries.

Experiencing other cultures is so important, especially if you are going into the design industry. There are too many beautiful places, delicious food, and incredible architecture that can inspire you.

Take me there:








I remember being completely in awe of Gaudi’s work



How could you not be?!



Throw Back Thursday – One of my best friends Maria and I from high school! Maria currently goes to the College of Madrid, so (hopefully) we will be reunited very soon.


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