“Suffering Love”

I am back in Athens after being in Dallas for the past few days for my grandfather’s funeral. Even though nothing has changed here, everything feels a little different.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of loss, but being surrounded by the love of my family was the most incredible sense of safety and warmth. Proceeding the funeral was lunch at my uncle’s house. Without realizing it, all the eighteen cousins gathered around the dinning room table sharing stories and memories of Papa, laughing and crying at the same time.

We pulled up extra chairs and sat on top of one another so that we could all be together. Even through the sadness from that day, I remember that moment the most. The dinning room table is such an important piece in a home: not only is it where families and friends come together to share memories, but it is also where you create them.






















2 responses

  1. Dearest Coco. that was the most beautiful and sensitive blog you have ever written,  Maybe you should write for an interior design magazine and also design.  You are great.  It was so wonderful to be together although in sadness.  I love you so and am so proud of you,  Nana

  2. Coco – your blogs are so wonderful and how true it is that the dining room table is so much more than a piece of wood or glass or “art” – but rather the canvas for what is truly beautiful “art”, a family sharing together. I think I see a fab coffee table book in your future…lots of love, dr c

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