Where The Party is At

Not only does the beginning of a new season bring Fashion Week, but it also means it’s Film Awards Season! If you were my roommate, you would know how I am a little celebrity obsessed… While I was stalking which celebrity wore which designer, I somehow came across the 85th Oscar’s Green Room at Architectural Digest. How did I not know about this?!

For the past eleven years, a designer is chosen to decorate the iconic backstage lounge. The Green Room is where celebrities or performers go before they are needed on stage, similar to a waiting room. Historically, the room was painted green, but after many years, more attention is being given to the space and designers are putting their own spin on it.

This years room is designed by Madeline Stuart, inspired by director Cedric Gibbons (renderings by Ian Espinoza):



Last year’s, designed by Waldo Fernandez:



The 83rd Academy Awards’ Green Room, designed by Michael Smith, was inspired by the 30’s and 40’s:



The 82nd Academy Awards’ Green Room, designed by Roger Thomas:



The 81st Academy Awards’ Green Room, designed by Stephen Shadley:



The 80th Academy Awards’ Green Room, designed by Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper & Co., inspired by Draper’s old sketches of the Beverly Hills Hotel and Arrowhead Springs Resort:



The 79th Academy Awards’ Green Room, designed by Matthew White and Frank Webb, of White Webb, was a completely eco-friendly space:




The 75th to the 78th Academy Awards’ Green Rooms were designed by Roy Christopher, a set designer, with assistance from his wife Dorothy:


In honor of S. Charles Lee



The duo channeled Diana Veerland through this dramatic space



Take on the Hollywood Regency Style



Inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Age

Don’t forget to watch the show next Sunday night!


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  1. this is really interesting and so creative. I’ll be watcing the Oscars with Mom in Austin and thinking about the “Green Room” and YOU! Love Nana

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