I just wanted to share some photos of my partner Hannah and I’s mobile pop-up retail project we have been working on for the Fashion Merchandising students and their new ‘Couture a la Cart,” which is their pop-up retail space featuring their own designs that they sell around campus later in the spring. We had a huge presentation and videos, even some props, while presenting to the fashion students and faculty. Man, was I nervous.

Here is a sneak peek at our design of “Revolutionizing the Rubik Cube”:






These are some different views of the Sketch-Up Model of the cart; the background is the Lamar Dodd Art School. We wanted a simple exterior contrasting with a complex interior, and we played with the idea of the many ways you can open something: push, pull, slide, rotate, drop down, flip up – you get the picture…




The sweetest thank you note from Mrs. Blalock, a professor in the Fashion program


2 responses

  1. Coco, I love this blog!!!!!!! It’s great to be able to show your work this way! It’s a really cool concept, hope someone doesn’t steal your idea. Maybe you should patent it quickly!!!!! Great note from your teacher, you nailed it!!!!! Love you!

  2. Dear Coco and Hannah, Congratulations on a project so well done. It was innovative, functional, chic, and well designed. Really proud of you and the hard work you put into it. I’d give it an Aplus plus!! Love Nana

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