Time to get Punky

When you think of the Met Gala you think of beautiful, classy gowns and clean cut suits… right? Think again. This year’s unexpected theme – Punk: From Chaos to Couture – definitely turned up the heat. The annual gala, which kicks off the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s yearly Costume Institute exhibit, “highlighted the origins of the punk movement and drew direct connections to haute couture and ready-to-wear creations that it has inspired for the past three decades,” as told by Women’s Wear Daily.

And of course, the outfits are stunning. Here are some of my top picks of the night:

slide_295897_2416337_free slide_295897_2416360_free slide_295897_2416381_free slide_295897_2416389_free slide_295897_2416423_free slide_295897_2416486_free slide_295897_2416514_free slide_295897_2416528_free slide_295897_2416546_free slide_295897_2416615_free slide_295897_2416905_free slide_295897_2416906_free slide_295897_2416908_free slide_295897_2416909_free slide_295897_2416918_free slide_295897_2417024_free slide_295897_2417069_free slide_295897_2417071_free slide_295897_2419781_free slide_295897_2420735_free

photos courtesy of People


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