Two Stars One House

With all my projects due soon and my life being completely unorganized, my desk is getting pretty cluttered with stacks of books, notes, drawings and old magazines that are waiting for me to read. I finally have a night off from studio, so of course I go to my Elle Decors that I have shamefully been ignoring. And whose designs do I see on October’s cover?? None other than Mrs. Kelly Wearstler.


Applause applause:








Along with all the incredible visible detailing in Cameron’s bedroom, the “drawers are lined in all black silk, the back sides of doors are clad in hammered metal, and the interiors of closets are covered in custom wallpaper or in vivid paint.” Touche, touche. 






Unlacquered brass as backsplash, countertop, sink fitting, AND cabinetry detailing… say what?! 




Killer Ann Sacks glass tile in the master bath






Quite a duo 


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