I finally finished my two studio projects for this semester! Our TXMI 5330 Advanced Computer Aided Residential Design class conjoined with our TXMI 4380 Interior Textiles class to make one HUGE project. We were given the shell of a three story beach house in Kiawah Island, South Carolina that our clients, The Rochesters, bought as their second home. “They” wanted something more contemporary than their primary residence in Atlanta, but still comfortable and livable to accommodate frequent guests and entertain often. For studio, we built all the construction documents, while for the fabrics class we chose all the interior materials, furniture and accessories, calculated wallpaper and window treatments, designed custom flooring and cabinetry, all while staying within budget. Who knew money could be spent that quickly.


If you remember my past post Best of the Bunch, I ended up choosing the third board, Create a Life of Simplicity, for the overall concept of the beach house:



Here are my final presentation boards:

BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged)

BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged) 1

BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged) 2


BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged) 4

BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged) 5

BeachHousePresALLPDFS! (dragged) 7

For these boards, I used Revit, Photoshop, and InDesign

Now the drawings:



BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets3 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets4 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets5 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets6

BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets7 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets8

BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets9 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets10 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets11 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets12 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets13 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets14 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets15 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets16 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets17 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets18 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets19 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets20 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets21 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets22 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets23 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets24 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets25 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets26 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets27 BeachHouse_GreenblumFINALSheets28

These construction documents were all created on Revit. This was my first project to do entirely on Revit, and I have to say I like it a bit more than AutoCAD.

Hope you liked it!


One response

  1. Coco the boards and selections and renderings are fantastic!!! I am so proud of you. You have beautiful taste and know how to put it all together. All this will look great when you go for interviews. I love the monotones and simplicity. CAn’t wait to see you Friday. Eric wants to take you and Gavin for dinner , that’s fine but I told him I wanted you to spend the night so I could have some time with you. Let me know when you will be coming in. I love you Miss Designer! Nana

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