Go Big or Go Home

I am finally back in Texas after seventeen hours of driving! I made a pit stop in Dallas to stay with family because I couldn’t make it all the way to Austin, and if I had only left a few days earlier I would have been in D Town for Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art fashion show! I literally would have skipped my finals to be there. Anything for Karl.

Mr. Lagerfeld specifically chose Dallas for the extravagant show because Stanley Marcus of the Dallas based Neiman Marcus helped Coco Chanel from having to shut down her business after WWII – and what would the fashion world be without Chanel?!

Having embraced Chanel’s 1954 comeback collection when almost no one else would, Stanley Marcus presented Coco Chanel with the store’s Award for Distinguished Service in the field of fashion in 1957, and Karl was given the same award, in the same city, after the show.





From Modern Luxury DALLAS:




The show was held at Dallas’ historic Fair Park, which was transformed into a drive-in movie theater (complete with vintage cars) that showed Lagerfeld’s short film The Return. The runway was made of wooden planks and hay, while the lucky crowd sat in stands that resembled those in a Texas rodeo.

Some fun Instas from the event:







Here are some of my favorite looks from this years famous collection:

Chanel_001_1366.450x675 Chanel_006_1366.450x675 Chanel_010_1366.450x675 Chanel_012_1366.450x675 Chanel_015_1366.450x675 Chanel_024_1366.450x675 Chanel_026_1366.450x675 Chanel_042_1366.450x675 Chanel_043_1366.450x675 Chanel_054_1366.450x675 Chanel_055_1366.450x675 Chanel_062_1366.450x675 Chanel_064_1366.450x675 Chanel_074_1366.450x675 Chanel_076_1366.450x675 Chanel_077_1366.450x675 Chanel_078_1366.450x675 Chanel_079_1366.450x675 Chanel_083_1366.450x675 Chanel_086_1366.450x675 Chanel_090_1366.450x675 Chanel_091_1366.450x675 Chanel_092_1366.450x675 Chanel_095_1366.450x675

All hail the King

(photos from style.com)


In Karl We Trust


3 responses

  1. The only thing better than Karl here in Dallas for The Metiers d’art Chanel Show was seeing Coco in Dallas and your blog about Uncle Karl. Well done, Coco, well done.

  2. Hey Coco, I don’t remember if I sent you bday greetings last Monday. If I did please mark it up to senility, if not mark it up to senility as well. Most important – Happy Birthday and I trust you had a great one. Hope to see you again soon, take care. gg

  3. Hey there Coco, I tried to send you birthday greetings yesterday and they bounced back to me. Hopefully you didn’t let not getting my message spoil your celebration . . . hope you had a great one. Enjoyed your pics of NO @ Mardi Gras. Made me homesick! Love from everyone here, gg+team

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