If Possible Please

For our main project in TXMI 5320, The Professional Practice Notebook, we have a series of mini phases due throughout the semester that represents the various stages a business owner of an interior design firm would experience. This helps us to not only understand what it takes to actually own a business, but to also help us ‘brand’ ourselves. This notebook includes: a business plan, marketing plan, research case studies, self assessments, expense reports, resume, cover letter and portfolio, as well as mock interviews (help). Obviously if I were to open up my own firm, it would be several years down the road. But a girl can dream.

Here is what my stationary and business cards would look like:


The business card would consist of a thicker paper material and the edges would be metallic gold.

(I used the address of a former employer, fyi)

As a young designer, branding and establishing yourself is essential – especially when looking for jobs. You must have confidence in yourself in order for others to see your true potential. I will start applying to firms in both San Francisco and Dallas next month (minor freak out is in the near future), so this is something I really have to start thinking about.



5 responses

  1. Will I be able to afford you???
    Probably not!! Great logo CGE!

    You will do great in any interview! You’ve got it down! Anyone would be lucky to have you, I am!! ILY

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