Well It Was Fun While It Lasted

I am now an official UGA Alumni! That feels so weird so type out.. I have had the craziest past week having packed up my house, graduating on Friday, driving twelve hours with my dad to Dallas, interviewing all day Monday, and finally flying back to Austin late last night. I now literally have twenty-hours hours here at home to unpack and repack before I am off to Dallas again in the morning for one last interview, then flying out that night for my trip! My life is a joke.

I always seem to have so many different things going on at once, but I honestly like it that way! It keeps me busy and entertained, and not thinking about the fact that I will not be returning to Athens in the fall. I owe so much to that city – The University of Georgia and the people I have met there who have become my family have completely changed me.

During my last few days, I walked through my neighborhood and through north campus one last time to soak it all in:

photo 1-3

photo 1-2

Going to miss these beautiful trees

photo 3-3

photo 4-3

photo 1-1

photo 3-2

photo 4-2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

photo 4-1

photo 1

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

photo 5


There is something so unique about this place. I haven’t decided if it’s the southern charm, the historic buildings, huge magnolia trees, the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, or the fact that I figured out the person that I want to be while studying here. Athens will always hold a special place in my heart and I will miss it everyday.

Now Graduation:



We’re famous!



We could almost pass as French



Nothin fresher than my clique


3 responses

  1. Congrats, Coco! So proud of you. Good luck with the interviewing and have a wonderful time on your trip. We look forward to seeing you some time soon.

  2. Congratulations Coco. I have only been following you for a few weeks but have loved all your posts. Will see you in London. The best to you always, you are a beautiful intelligent lady, enjoy the next phase of your life. Love you.

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