Humble Abode

This will be my room for the next two years! I am very happy with the way everything came together, even though I bought everything from different places and all at a reasonable price (considering this is my room for college). Budget was the most important factor considering it was not necessarily my money I was spending, but my parents. So thanks mom and dad for allowing me to create the room I wanted! You have to admit I did well with little resources.

I live in a nine girl house that has been passed down through Chi O for many years, an my group of friends and I were lucky enough to get it! We each get our own room and share a bathroom with one other person. After living in the dorms and the sorority house, I forgot how nice it is to have a kitchen. It’s also near downtown and North Campus, and next to the best taco restaurant in town. What more could I want?

Here’s the virtual tour:

I got one of the downstairs bedrooms, which are much bigger.


I wanted to keep the bedding clean and simple, so I just flipped over the West Elm duvet cover I had last year so it’s plain white. And the pillows are simple as well, with just a touch of color at the border

This is my favorite piece in my room! I found this original Balmain sketch at a show in Beaver Creek, Colorado two summers ago. I’m obsessed. And I knew that I wanted a thick gold frame, so I spray painted this ready-made frame from Michael’s which made it pop and added texture.

I found this trunk at Home Goods. I saw one similar at Ralph Lauren in Dallas and desperately wanted it. Too bad it was around $1200. This was definitely a steal, but needed some height, so placed my old burlap pillows on top, which adds to the rustic feel of the tin and leather trunk.

I bought the curtains from the girl who lived here previously.







You could say I have a slight addiction to coffee table books…



Can anyone guess what the base of this lamp used to be? Didn’t think so. It’s what used to transport Saki from Asia. My dad bought it when he used to live in Japan and it’s been sitting in the garage for quite some time. I cleaned it up and found a new shade and it’s good as new! After working for Betty Lou Phillips, I have a new found appreciation for antiques. Especially ones as amazing as this.

I love fireplaces and am lucky enough to have one in my room! Our landlord restored all the fireplaces, but made sure they don’t actually work so we dumb college girls don’t burn the house down.



These were also great finds at the same show in Colorado. They are old French fashion ads!

This another one of my dad’s antiques from Asia. Now it’s my Love Fern.

Stacking books is always elegant and fresh. Kelly is one of my favorite designers and so is Chanel. This stone, on the lucite stand, is called Desert Rose. There was a showroom in Dallas that has the most beautiful stones, which inspired me to find this lovely piece.

No, my TV does not work yet. It is so hard to sleep at night without getting my daily dose of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

I needed a tall side table to hide the TV wires. I found this modern table at Home Goods and it is perfect. Gold and glass, my two favorite things.

I also needed something longer and shorter to the right of my desk to hide other wires and serve as storage for my books. I found this handmade wooden piece at Classic City Consignment  in Athens. Not sure if I totally love it, but it works for now.

As you can tell, I love mixing styles.

I bought the desk from the girl who used to live here and restored it. There was some unnecessary cabinets that I got taken off and then repainted the bottom.

Ghost Chair. Duh.

Thank you Ikea for my lamp. I wanted something industrial against the softer feel of the desk.

I had the hardest time finding the perfect rug! I wanted a big pattern and a darker color that would pull everything together. I saw this Alexa Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug and knew it was right. I had seen it in a magazine and had been searching for a cheaper version when I found the exact one on! Lucky me.

It also compliments the dark stained wood. The landlord told me that these floors used to be in an old children’s hospital and were covered with tiles, hence the lines where the grout used to be.

This is opposite of the fireplace. The door leads to a big storage room which is very convenient.

Garden Stool. Need I say more?

These two pages of columns and their descriptions came from an old architecture book.

French door closet

I think I need some more shoes…

Now the bathroom:

Antique tub! Adore! Curtains from Target and chevron patterned rug, Ralph Lauren.

That’s about it! Hope you love it as much as I do.


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